Shaun Tan

I am most proud of a feat when I helped to raise funds for the National Council for the Blind. The event started at Merdeka Square where I was double blindfolded before getting into a 4WD to drive on the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


 My destination was the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) where the famous Petronas Twin Towers stand proudly. KLCC had just been completed a few months prior and was spanking new. It instantly became an iconic landmark of the world.


A convoy of traffic policemen accompanied me on my journey. I completed the 5km journey in about 12 minutes.


When I reached the end I was basically exhausted from the effort, but happy that I managed to create a bit of history for both me, the National Council for the Blind, and the iconic Twin Towers.

I am a lawyer by profession ("Barrister-at-Law" from Lincoln's Inn, UK) with a deep interest in this amazing world that we all share.


Here we are, just a speck in the ever-expanding universe among billions and billions of other stars, spinning in space, teeming with life and orbiting a hot sun that is 93 million miles away, for over 4.6 billion years now.


There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding our origins and our space - although we understand things more and more as time goes by.


I celebrate these mysteries, and present some of them for your entertainment pleasure.


Along the way, perhaps I can encourage you to dive deeper into a world where the impossible becomes possible, and the unattainable can be within reach.


Won’t you join me?

I am a performer of feats that induce gasps in some, very deep thinking in others and indifference in others.


Whatever the effect on you, I hope you will at least be entertained, which is my primary objective.


I possess no super powers, only some deep knowledge of human psychology and entertaining concepts that combine to make it worth your while to spend some of your time to witness and experience some of the greatest mysteries in the world.


I have read the minds of celebrities, bent the metal spoons of some folks in their homes hundreds of miles away from where I was, and influenced unsuspecting participants to make certain choices they thought I had no control over - all for your entertainment pleasure.


I have appeared in the media numerous times over the years, and CNN even picked up my blindfold drive event to feature on their news.

It has been a most enjoyable journey for me so far, and I’m happy it has turned out quite well.


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