The Big Prediction Event

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Tender Hearts Cafe

Make It Right Movement

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

Shaun Tan attempted to predict, 2 weeks before they happen, the headlines of 7 major newspapers' that would be published on 17th November 2019.


His predictions were sealed and locked in a Transparent Box on 3rd November 2019 and displayed in BAC College PJ Campus from that date for the public to visit.


The Transparent Box will be opened and the predictions  unsealed on the 17th November 2019 to see if they match against the  print newspapers' headlines of the day.

The Big Prediction event is held in aid of Tender Hearts Cafe which provides jobs for the intellectually disabled, and Pertiwi Soup Kitchen which provides aid for the homeless.

Support Their Missions

If you would like to do a good deed by supporting Tender Hearts Cafe and Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, simply donate RM100 or more via BAC's Make It Right Movement.


100% of your donation will be channeled to the 2 entities. Your RM100 will buy 20 meals for the homeless and support youths with learning disabilities.